*Free Islandwide Laundry Delivery & Collection with minimum spend of $35.00

Suit ( 2 pcs )

Laundry : $10.00
Dry Clean : $13.00

Jacket / Coat

Laundry : $8.00
Dry Clean : $10.00


Laundry : $4.00
Dry Clean : $5.00

Pants / Jeans

Laundry : $4.00
Dry Clean : $5.00


Laundry : $14.00-$18.00
Dry Clean : $14.00-$18.00

Wintercoat / Overcoat

Laundry : $18.00-$26.00
Dry Clean : $18.00-$26.00

Trench Coat / Fur Coat

Dry Clean : $24.00-$30.00

Sweater / Cardigan

Laundry : $5.00
Dry Clean : $6.00

Punjabi Suit ( 2 pcs )

Dry Clean : $15.00

Punjabi Suit ( 3 pcs )

Dry Clean : $18.00


Laundry : $14.00
Dry Clean : $14.00

Sampin / Songket

Dry Clean : $8.00

Lawyer Robe

Dry Clean : $15.00


Laundry : $4.00
Dry Clean : $5.00


Dry Clean : $4.50

Bermuda Shorts

Laundry : $4.00
Dry Clean : $5.00

Muffler / Gloves ( N/Wool)

Dry Clean : $4.00

*Prices quoted are subjected to change depending on material and size, etc.

Conditions of Service
  1. Actual price may vary due to different materials, sizes etc.
  2. Collection & delivery services are free as long as appointments are fixed at least a day in advance.
  3. No liabilities will be accepted for any defects or damage to articles(s) caused by wear and tear or manufacture defects.
  4. Subjected to the above, if article(s) is proven to be lost or damage thru our negligence, our liability shall be limited to fair value of the article at the time it was received, after taking into consideration depreciation due to age, fashion and use, and shall not exceed more than 10 times the regular service charge for each article. In addition, such loss damage shall not exceed S$100 for each article.
  5. All claims shall be notified within 24 hrs after receipt of article(s).
  6. All article(s) must be claimed within 1 month from the date of receipt.
  7. We cannot be responsible for any loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in pockets or any part of the article(s).
  8. Stain removal is done at owner’s risk and complete removal of stains is not guaranteed. Charges may apply.
  9. Customers are reminded that it is an offence under the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance to send bedding, clothing or other articles which have been in contact with infectious diseases to a public wash house.
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